mobile_fueling_station_petro-boxFuel is one of your biggest savings opportunity!
We will help you to save money and time with a better manage of your entire fueling operations.

Over the years, Petro-box is a complete solutions provider of mobile filling stations, fuel tanks and bulk containers.

Our headquarter and all our manufacturing facilities are located in Poland.

We produce portable fueling stations and containers for various types of fuels, such as diesel, biodiesel, petrol, AdBlue, kerosene, ethanol and others.

All of our portable fuel tanks are made of steel, which guarantees their long-term use.
Our mobile fuel stations are used for fuel stocking and for fuel distribution.
Petro-box is partnering with leader on the market for fuel dispensers to better serve you.
We are able to meet our customers needs with completely adaptable, self-supported and customizable fueling solutions.

We understand the challenges that our customers face, that is why our portable fuel stations are designed to perform anywhere and under any condition.

mobile_fueling_station_petro-boxPetro-box mobile fuel stations are equipped with all necessary devices to ensure the safety and efficiency for fuel stocking and for fuel distribution. For example, all our fuel tanks have an electronic level indicator OCIO – it prevents overfilling of the tank. All devices and equipment are placed in a metal enclosure that protects them from various weather and access by unauthorized individuals.

Petro-box provide a 5-year warranty on the tightness of the tanks and one-year warranty on the equipment.

Our progressive fuel management solutions will be a smart choice especially for agricultural producers, courier services and transport companies, building companies and others who has a fleet of several vehicles.

All in an effort to improve efficiencies and increase productivity of your business!

Petro-box International – Mobile Fueling Stations

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we shall be happy to give detailed information!
We speak English and German!

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