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This data privacy statement covers all websites operated by Petro-box GmbH and used for information and marketing purposes. However, our websites may contain links to other parties not covered by our data privacy statement. Petro-box GmbH ensures the confidentiality of your personal data.

Data transmission via browser/internet technology

Each visitor on our websites is automatically logged. The data recorded include the current IP address used by the end device, time and date, browser type and operating system, as well as the pages viewed. Personal identification is not possible for us. This data is only recorded for data security purposes. No other data analysis – except for statistical purposes in anonymous form – is performed. No other analysis tools are used, no personal browsing profiles are created or processed.

Use of secured services via a user account

If a user registers for one of our services (generally comprised of a WebService and/or mobile application), the data required for user identification and data security is saved and processed automatically. This data includes the user name, organisation, email address, IP address, and in the case of using applications, the device ID. For the purpose of error and performance analysis, error messages from the authentication process and applications will also be recorded. Any other data retained upon customer request will be named and declared as part of the specific project.

Use of personal data

Personal data received via contact forms on our websites (name, organisation, email address, telephone number, and the message) will be utilised for the correspondence with the user or for the purpose specified by this user. This use of personal data can be dissented at any time. We guarantee that we will not share personal data with third parties, unless the respective person has authorised it or we are legally obliged to do so. The processing and archiving of this data occurs on our own systems and through employees of Petro-box GmbH. So far as we utilise service providers for the processing of data, the contract terms will be determined by the provisions of the data protection regulation.


A user has access rights to all personal data saved by Petro-box GmbH for this user. Further, the user is entitled to have incorrect data corrected, and no longer useful data deleted, insofar as there is no requirement to retain such data dictated by law. In this case, there is a right to block the data.

Secure communication on the internet

In general, the internet is considered an insecure medium. For example, the transmission of data via the internet can be monitored, recorded, or even altered, by unauthorised third parties. To ensure a confidential communication on our websites, we employ a so-called SSL-encryption. According to current knowledge, the thereby possible connection is to be regarded as secure.

Contact details/privacy officer

The contact details for Petro-box GmbH and its legal representatives are available via our imprint. You can contact our privacy officer via email at

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