Mobile Fuel Station ISO Container

CargoBox is a mobile fuel station in a standardized shipping ISO container.

The CargoBox type mobile fuel station ISO container with a volume up to 45.000 l is suitable for storing and dispensing various types of fuels, such as diesel, biodiesel, petrol, AdBlue, kerosene, ethanol and others.

CargoBox ISO container dimensions: 8, 10, 20 and 40 foot.

Mobile fuel station ISO container CargoBox is made of high quality materials that ensure an endurance and safety of the environment and the people.

A double-walled tank is made of special steel ST3T with 3 millimeters thickness and is installed into a steel cage. The cage protect the tank from any outside physical forces. To provide additional safety, the tank is also protected with a geomembrane (2 millimeters thickness), which is made of High-Density Polyethylen.

The roof of CargoBox has a thickness of 8 cm and is made of thermo-insulating materials.

On the roof of the mobile fuel station for diesel is also placed a tank hatch. Under this hatch are a filler neck and other technological equipment installed.

Mobile Fuel Station ISO container CargoBox Construction Concept:

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Mobile Fuel Station Construction Concept Mobile Fuel Station Construction Concept Mobile Fuel Station Construction Concept

Each mobile fuel station will be produced as an individual customer’s order.
Approximately production time is 2 months.

The customer has the opportunity to make up a set with all necessary additional equipment of the mobile fuel station.

Standard equipment:

  • Fuel leak detection system
  • Illumination
  • Electrical socket 230 V
  • Fuel dispenser (at the customer’s option):
    • Cube 56
    • Cube 70
    • Cube 70 MC (up to 50 users)
    • Cube 70 MC (up to 120 users)
    • Self Service 70 FM (up to 120 users)
    • Self Service 100 FM (up to 120 users)
    • ARCCAN RT50 (unlimited number of user)
    • ARCCAN RT70 (unlimited number of user)
    • ARCCAN RT90 (unlimited number of user)
    • Petrotec Euro 1000 VI
    • COMPACT 50M
    • COMPACT 800M
    • ADAST V – line AdBlue R 4701.010
    • Suzzara Blue
    • Totem Blue-K
    • Self service 70 MC F

Please find more information about offered fuel dispensers on

Additional equipment:

  • Magnetic keys (Kit keys) for user identification
  • Continuous tank level monitoring OCIO
  • Remote continuous tank level monitoring OCIO with LAN, WiFi or GSM transmission
  • Continuous tank level monitoring Site Sentinel (OPW)
  • Continuous tank level monitoring VEEDER-ROOT
  • Continuous tank level monitoring Hectronic OptiLevel
  • Fuel filter 60 l/min or 100 l/min
  • Filter water separator 70 l/min or 150 l/min
  • Hose reel up to 30 m
  • Heating system (heater + thermostat + fan)
Mobile Fuel Station ISO Container

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