Mobile Tank Fuel Station

Mobile Tank Fuel Station with a Fuel Dispenser.

The Petro-box type mobile tank fuel station with a volume from 3.000 l up to 23.000 l is suitable for storing and dispensing various types of fuels, such as diesel, biodiesel, petrol, AdBlue, kerosene, ethanol and others.

The fuel tank volume of Petro-box Fuel Stations can be modified and adapted to customer’s specific needs.

Petro-box mobile tank fuel stations are made of high quality materials that ensure an endurance and safety of the environment and the people.

A double-walled tank is made of special steel ST3T with 3 millimeters thickness.

Each mobile tank fuel station will be produced as an individual customer’s order.
Approximately production time is 2 months.

The customer has the opportunity to make up a set with all necessary additional equipment of the mobile tank fuel station.

Standard equipment:

  • Fuel leak detection system
  • Illumination
  • Electrical socket 230 V
  • Fuel dispenser (at the customer’s option):
      • Cube 56
      • Cube 70
      • Cube 70 MC (up to 50 users)
      • Cube 70 MC (up to 120 users)
      • Self Service 70 FM (up to 120 users)
      • Self Service 100 FM (up to 120 users)
      • ARCCAN RT50 (unlimited number of user)
      • ARCCAN RT70 (unlimited number of user)
      • ARCCAN RT90 (unlimited number of user)
      • Petrotec Euro 1000 VI
      • COMPACT 50M

Please find more information about offered fuel dispensers on

Additional equipment:

  • Magnetic keys (Kit keys) for user identification
  • Continuous tank level monitoring OCIO
  • Remote continuous tank level monitoring OCIO with LAN, WiFi or GSM transmission
  • Fuel filter 60 l/min or 100 l/min
  • Filter water separator 70 l/min or 150 l/min
  • Hose reel up to 30 m
Mobile Tank Fuel Station

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