Portable AdBlue Fuel Tank

Portable AdBlue Fuel Tank with a Fuel Pump

The Portable AdBlue Fuel Tank with a volume from 1.500 l, 2.500 l, 3.500 l, 5.000 l, 7.500 l and 10.000 l is suitable for storing and dispensing AdBlue fuel.

All Petro-box portable AdBlue fuel tanks are made of high quality materials that ensure an endurance and safety of the environment and the people.

The customer has the opportunity to make up a set with all necessary additional equipment of the mobile fuel tank.

Petro-box portable AdBlue fuel tanks will be a smart choice especially for agricultural producers, courier services and transport companies, building companies and others who has a fleet of several vehicles.

Standard equipment:

  • Fuel pump with various capacities from 56 to 100 l / min.
  • Digital/Mechanical flowmeter
  • Distribution hose: elastic or reinforced of steel spiral
  • Automatic nozzle
  • Particle filtration system
  • Protection class IP55

Additional equipment:

  • Magnetic keys (Kit keys) for user identification
  • Continuous tank level monitoring OCIO
  • Remote continuous tank level monitoring OCIO with LAN, WiFi or GSM transmission
  • Illumination
  • Fuel filter 60 l/min or 100 l/min
  • Filter water separator 70 l/min or 150 l/min
  • Hose reel up to 15 m
Portable AdBlue Fuel Tank

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